Level 8- Bolivia Redux

It's all led to the final confrontation, back where it all began. Lara has reforged the great weapon, Excalibur, and now treks back to the operating dais in Bolivia. Only once she activates the ancient portal will she finally know what happened to her mother all those years ago. But Amanda Evert and James Rutland have prepared to make one final stand.

Level Objective: Defeat the resistance and activate the dais/
Rewards: No Rewards


A cutscene shows Lara arriving back at the dais in Bolivia. Amanda and James are already at the scene. Lara takes a zip line onto the dais, and threatens everyone who stands in her path. After a display of Excalibur's power, James tells her mercenaries to kill her. Fight off the hordes of mercenaries with the powerful Excalibur. Once you do, another cutscene shows James keeling over Amanda, unable to live any longer. Amanda becomes angered at Lara. Amanda summons the Unknown Entity, and it is now time for the final boss battle.

The final battle is at hand. You'll want to defeat the entity by draining his health bar four times. Once you deplete it so far, the Entity will howl and then collapse momentarily to the ground. Take this as your opportunity to use your environmental hazards button to stab him with Excalibur. Once you do, he'll jump to life and his health will increase again. Roll when he throws the red magic, and if you stay in one place for almost any amount of time, he will use his powers to attack you where you stand. After the fourth time stabbing him with Excalibur, a sequence will show him dissipating, and the final cutscene begins. Lara picks up the Wraith Stone from Amanda, and then approached the center of the dais with Excalibur. After setting the several pillars surrounding the dais with the pattern she saw in Nepal as a child, and recorded in her pink journal, she activates the portal, and in it sees her mother. Lara realizes it is not just a portal through space, but time as well. She is seeing her mother as she did back in Nepal as a young girl. Lara tries to tell her mother not to touch the sword, and then Amanda wakes up and calls out that if she doesn't remove the sword, it will explode. So Lara's mother, scared, pulls the sword from the stone, and vanishes. Lara realizes that it was Amanda's fault her mother died, and then a frightened Amanda says that her mother didn't die, and instead went to Avalon, the resting place of King Arthur. Lara knocks out Amanda, extremely angered, and says that every one of her breaths is a gift from her. Lara tells Zip and Alister what to do, and the game is over, leaving a major cliffhanger, leaving fans hungry for Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Last Level: Level 7- Nepal