Level 4-Ghana

Zip got a trace on James Rutland, and he is in Ghana, a site Lara's father had operated years before. Rutland is looking for something he calls the Ghalali Key, and Lara wants it. But she'll have to strip through the ancient halls of an ancient temple before she can get her hands on it...

Level Objective: Hunt down James Rutland who seeks refuge inside the hidden temple.
Rewards: 5 Bronze/ 4 Silver/ 1 Gold



The beginning is a bit linear. Follow the short jungle path down to the cliff that overlooks the waterfall and pond. As you approach the cliff side, a cutscene ensues in which Lara finds Rutland's men slipping crates inside of the waterfall. Jump/ swan dive into the pond below. On the left side of the island in the center of the pond, you can dive into the water to retrieve a BRONZE REWARD. The second BRONZE REWARD is on the right side of the island, considering right is when Lara's back is facing the high terrace. To retrieve the silver reward, you'll have to open the waterfall first. With your back facing the high terrace you just dove from, climb onto the island and climb the two tiers of grassy rock. Once there, turn towards the rope that dangles in the middle of the island. Jump and grab it. Wait for it to stop moving before you drop back down onto the island. Once you do, throw your grapple at the central mechanism and pull. A cutscene shows the waterfall parting revealing a majestic temple. After the cutscene, you'll be directed towards a doorway leading into the temple. Ignore it for now to go after the second reward. From where you are standing, jump off the side of the island, dive into the water, and collect the SILVER REWARD from inside the tunnel that runs underneath the island.

Back at the entrance to the temple, follow the path down towards a pool with two ropes and a raft on the other side. Throw your grapple and pull the raft towards you. From a standing position on the raft, which is now secured on your side, jump and grab the rope, swing to the second rope, and finally land on the other side of the pool. The pool is divided into halves, on terms of current. If you fall into the pool on the initial side, you cannot swim over to the other side. But if you swing off the first rope and land in the second half of the pool, you can swim to the other side, but not back to the beginning without using the ropes and raft.

Follow the hall up the steps. You'll pass through a doorway. On the other side of the doorway waits a mercenary. Dispatch him and continue along the hall, which Lara realizes is full of jammed traps. You'll come to a pressure plate in the floor. When you stand on it, a gate at the end of the hall will open, and begin to close regardless of when you step off the pressure pad. Stepping back on it, however, will reset it open. Step on it, and maneuver through the jammed spike traps before the door closes.

Lara will now be in a grandeur chamber with waterwheels built into the temple walls on opposite sides of the room. Several high platforms boast views of other areas. A turret sits atop one of the platforms. Mercenaries roam the chamber. About 11 mercenaries lurk around, two on the high platform operating the turret. I suggest taking them out first and then defeating all of the other mercenaries from your new vantage point. Several environmental hazards lay about, such as the oil drum beneath the pillar that holds of the platform with the turret...hmmm...Multiple barrels are spread around. Remember to incorporate these into combat, especially if you are playing on Tomb Raider mode. Once they are all defeated, head on up to the platform with the turret if you have not done so already. Pick up the BRONZE REWARD. Use the turret to shoot down the pillar that jams one of the waterwheels. Once it is shot down, a short sequence shows that traps are now working again on the bottom floor. From the platform with the turret, walk to the edge where a rope dangles in front of you, on the side of the chamber where you fired at the jamming pillar. Jump and grab the rope. Swing to the waterwheel. The objective is to get to the platform on the other side of the waterwheel, so picture that the wheel is a clock moving counterclockwise. At about 2:15-2:30, jump to the rope and swing onto the platform. From the platform, jump onto the suspended platform. While standing on it, throw your magnetic grapple at the stone pedestal on the raised platform on the other side of the room. Once attached, pull yourself and the platform with you. The traps on that side aren't quite working yet. So you'll now need to activate the second waterwheel. From the platform, jump to the rope and climb up about two or three times. Swing to the highest peg poking out of the waterwheel and flip to the next peg, and finally, onto the ladder that will lead you out of the waterwheel chamber. 

From the top of the ladder, turn and go to the opposite side of the small area and climb up the crumbled ladder. Jump to the left, shimmy to the left, vault up to the higher ledge, shimmy left around the corner, and jump up to grab the next ladder.

To begin, dispatch the jaguar that lurks below in the empty pool. On the right side of the empty pool, with Lara's back facing the entrance to the chamber, is a set of ruined stairs. Climb up onto a raised walkway. Take the small sets of steps up and notice the two large blocks suspended from the ceiling. Beneath the higher block is a BRONZE REWARD. You can claim this with your magnetic grapple from this point. Continue down the stairs and climb up on the pile of blocks, followed by the ledge next to them. Once standing on the small square platform, jump onto the first block. As soon as the second block begins to elevate higher than yours, jump onto the second, run across, and grab the ladder faceted into the wall. From the platform above the ladder, a sequence will show you the water you need to activate the second waterwheel on the other side of the floodgate. Further along the platform, jump onto the pillar that is against the wall and grab the ledge. Shimmy around the corner, drop down to the ledge below, shimmy to the left, jump to the ledge on the left, drop down to the ledge beneath that, shimmy around the corner, and finish off the maneuver with a safety drop to the ground. From the platform, jump onto the raft and throw your grapple at the magnetic pillar. Once you pull yourself over, the raft will begin to drift into the next section of the chamber which looks similar to the one you entered the chamber in. Next, throw your grapple at the broken pillar over by the bubbling water. Pull yourself to the platform. Before we go up though, we'll make a little detour for a silver reward. Jump back into the water and swim to the other side of the pool where a small piece of ground is hidden in the shade. Jump up onto this slab of rock, and then onto the next tier, up some stairs and then you can claim your SILVER REWARD. We are about to do a more difficult block weight challenge. Climb up the ladder and backwards jump onto the first block weight. The same rule applies for this block weight. Once it is about even with your block, or slightly higher than yours, jump onto the second and jump onto the nearby stone platform. Walk to the edge where you will see a prompt for the magnetic grapple, but turn left and pick up the BRONZE REWARD tucked away by the pillar, first. Use your grapple to swing across the gap and onto the second stone platform. From there, jump onto the ledge in the nearby pillar, similar to the first segment in this chamber, shimmy around the corner to the right, drop to the ledge below, shimmy around another corner to the right, vault up to the higher ledge, backwards jump to the next ledge, drop to the ledge below it, jump over the crumbled ledge, shimmy a bit to the right, vault up, shimmy to the right, jump to the right. The next part of this chamber is a weight puzzle, packed in with a little bit of acrobatics. Step on the nearby pressure pad allowing the large box to fall off. The platform that the box sits on rotates, so make sure your timing is good before jumping onto it. It will only rotate twice before coming to a complete halt. Jump across the next platforms until you are on a stone platform with another pressure pad and a movable block. Move the block onto the pressure pad, and wait for the connected rotating platform to become stationary. When it is, go all the way back across to the first pressure pad. Step on it, wait for the platform to rotate twice, time the jump back onto the central platform, and then throw your grapple at the statue and pull its arms down. A short sequence will show the floodgate opening and the water flooding through. You've now activated the second waterwheel. Jump back into the water, and backtrack back down into Waterwheel Chamber. A short sequence will show that the traps are now activated. Once you are at the base of the ladder that took you into the room with the ledges, backwards jump onto the now-active waterwheel. Wait until it rotates to swing back onto the platform where the traps hadn't been activated earlier.

Time your way through the three sets of spikes that will impale you upon impact. Be sure not to run into them either, for they will still do damage. Once through, you will need to bypass the spinning blades that move horizontally along a large stretch of the hall. Grab the movable block nearby and press it up against the left or right side, tight up against the wall. By moving it along the wall, you will push back the rotating blades. Push the blades as far as they will go, then dodge roll to safety. I also tried pushing the block right down the middle. I still took no damage, but it made me feel very cautious. Continue through the hall to a new set of rotating horizontal blades. This time, you do not have a movable block to protect you. So run out when the low blades and high blades are about to meet in the center of the hall, stay in the center of the hallway, then jump as they get close to you. Remember to hold the jump button in for this will make your jump go farther. Then, almost immediately press the crouch button and dodge roll underneath the higher horizontal blades. Keep rolling until you out of harm's way.

Follow the hall until you come to a set of steps which you will descend with jammed spikes off in the distance. About halfway from the base of the steps to the spikes, a sequence will show you that you've triggered a...ready? Giant boulder! (Sound familiar?) On the first set of spikes, jump over the right space, on the second set, dodge roll under the left space. Jump over the spike pit at the end and a sequence will show you Lara making it out of the way as the boulder crashes through the temple wall, off a piece of land near the water, and into the water. The piece of land that was hit is now a tool for you to get back up in the event that you should fall.

TEMPLE EXTERIOR- 1 Silver Reward
From your platform, take the ladder down to the tier below and collect the SILVER REWARD. Climb back up the ladder and approach the pole that hangs out from the temple wall. Swing from the pole to the pillar ledge.Shimmy to the left and vault up to the ledge above. Shimmy left, around the corner, then backwards jump to the next ledge. When you vault to the ledge above you, a large rock will begin to fall out of place, so quickly backwards jump to the next pole to make it to safety. Swing from the first pole to the second, and then to the rocky platform above. From the rocky platform, jump to the metal platform which will slowly drop to the next area. Once it has stopped, jump to the next platform with all of the pillars. Run across the platform and jump onto a stationary metal platform, this time. Jump from the platform to the rocky tier below. From this platform, jump to the horizontal pole in the wall and wing to the nearby ledge. Be prepared to move fast to avoid a falling rock, again. Shimmy to the left, vault up to the ledge and quickly jump to the horizontal pole on your right. Swing to the second pole, then change directions and access the even higher pole. From there, grab the ledge and shimmy around the corner to the left. A rock will fall if you are not fast enough. Vault up to the higher ledge, shimmy around the corner to the left, then backwards jump onto stone platform.

As you enter the upper temple, a cutscene ensues where Lara finds the pendant that her mother lost in Ghana years before. Turn on your PLS to see in this next dark area. Go down some steps and, when prompted, jump and use your grapple to swing over a pit of deadly spikes. Repeat this maneuver for the next pit of spikes. Follow the corridor around to a bridge where a mercenary waits for you to use your environmental hazards button on the logs suspended dangerously over top of the bridge. Use your grapple to reach the other side if you shot down the bridge. Kill the mercenary that appears.

You come out inside a waterfall chamber. On the right of the entrance are poles stuck into the nearby walls. Use them to reach the ledge underneath the flow of water. For the next reward, jump across the spout of water to a ledge hidden on the other side. Drop to the platform with the golden door. Throw a grenade at the golden door, but take care not to get hit yourself. When it blows open, it reveals a SILVER REWARD. Claim it, and then backtrack to the ledge on the right side of the spout of water. Vault up and shimmy to the left around the corner. Vault up two times and shimmy to the right around a corner. Vault up one more time, and then jump backwards to the horizontal pole. Swing from the first pole, to the second, to the platform with all of the oil drums. Do not fall into the water here or else the current will send you flying down the waterfall. There are six or seven men spread out across the waterfall chamber. Kill them and pick up any necessary ammunitions. Proceed across the bridge and through to the next chamber.

As soon as you walk in, kill the jaguar that lurks inside. There are two staircases, both crumbling, but you can only begin by climbing up onto the stairs on the left. Just before you reach the crumbling part of the first staircase, you will feel a boulder dislodge from up ahead and begin to roll down. Grab the rope nearby. Swing to the other staircase. A boulder will come down this side too. Grab the rope again and swing across to the first staircase. One last boulder will roll after you. Grab the rope again and make it to the second staircase one more time. Run to the top of the staircase and stand on the pressure pad.

                                                          GOLD REWARD CHALLENGE
Standing on the pressure pad opens the large golden doors, like the ones we retrieved the silver reward from in the interior waterfall chamber. These are not breakable, though, so once you step on the pressure pad, return to the ground floor, follow the hall back, and claim the GOLD REWARD. The large golden doors will very slowly close giving you more than enough time to make it through. Continue ascending the stairs, again, step on the pressure pad until the door in front of you is all the way open, then roll on through where a cutscene will show that a confrontation is about to be made between Lara and James Rutland.

So basically, Rutland is trying to kill you with the sword fragment. Unfortunately for him, Lara always wins, and unfortunately for you, he can regenerate. For platforms are spread evenly around the circular chamber, each with support beams holding them up. My strategy is to start firing at Rutland until he jumps on top of one of the platforms to regenerate his health. Then, use the environmental hazards button to shoot down each of the stone pieces of the support beams. Then, shoot at Rutland again, because he should be back down by now, and fire at him until he goes back up to regenerate. I suggest using your pistols up to this point so you can save your ammo for when he can no longer regenerate. Once he goes to regenerate, however, and considering you shot down all four of the stone support pieces, use your magnetic grapple to pull down each support beam. He will no longer be able to regenerate. Switch to your desired weapon and take out James Rutland. Once you've defeated him, a cutscene will reveal that Amanda has broken into Croft Manor and discovered the whereabouts of the next sword fragment. She leaves, bound to Kazakhstan.

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