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The Story...

 I've updated my About page, guys! So, I want to share my adventure that started almost seven months ago, but stretches way back even farther. I think a good place to start is in fourth grade, when I wrote my first fanfiction adventure. It was about thirty pages, at the time, and based on the Kingdom Hearts game series which was my Tomb Raider, back then. I loved that I could write adventures about my favorite characters. 

In sixth grade I grew even more ambitious. I wrote a sixty paged adventure entitled Super Hunter, which was about a boy (I was obviously picturing myself) who had gotten a various platter of superpowers. 

And then in eighth grade, I wrote the big one. The Legend of Anorisia, about 120 pages hand-written. It was a fantasy adventure that ended up mirroring the television show Legend of the Seeker even though I wrote it before the show aired. Seriously, the similarities are freaky! I'd like to think they stole my idea, but then I realized that the television show was a book series years before. 

So, as you can see, writing has been a passion of mine for many years, now. Writing Lara Croft's next big adventure and having people read it is so much fun! So about seven months ago, I was trying to make a Kingdom Hearts fansite. It was then that I realized I had already been writing Tomb Raider stories, so why not make a Tomb Raider website?

So I began the endeavor. I knew nothing more than a few computer tricks my step-father had taught me. And 'Ping' wasn't going to make me a website. Can  you believe I had no idea what a forum was, at the time? So I "enlisted" some help. And I cannot go without saying Stellalune from Tombraiders.net helped me with a great many tips and pointers. Thank you, Stella! 

As I learned more and more about web design, I was able to create an awesome website. And lately, it is truly developing into a good one! I have released seven, original Tomb Raider Tales, hence the site name, and am currently working on numbers eight and nine. Through the site I have made many friends online and learned a lot of cool things! New to my site is the new YouTube Channel, and recently I've been getting a lot into writing articles, of sorts. 

As I write this, it is January 2nd, 2011. I had to double check to make sure that I had the year correct! This new year gives me the opportunity to expand my site now that I've learned the basic fundamentals of web design. I want to attempt game pages for the newest Tomb Raider entries into the series without screenshots, walkthroughs, character profiles, and a whole bunch of cool things!

I hope you love my new Tomb Raider site, and that you find my stories enjoyable. Although they might seem rough at first, I have really developed a lot as a writer over the past seven months Hunter's Tomb Raider Tales had been around. So lastly, I think I should mention a few people who're really worth acknowledging. Firstly, Stellalune for almost being willing to help an old chap out; Katie Fleming, for tips and pointers she's offered during this arduous process; Danie Martin, my friend who edits my Tomb Raider adventures, they wouldn't be nearly as polished without her; my parents for allowing me long hours on the computer and for putting up with my addiction to Tomb Raider. We're all Tomb Raider geeks here! Last, but not least, to all the people who've offered supporting tips, constructive criticism on my works, and encouraging comments when I face difficulties. This site wouldn't be around without you!

Sincerely, Hunter Wolfe 

Stories Note...

      I would like to state that although I do not own a copyright to any of these writings, they are still my original works. All features on Hunter's Tomb Raider Tales were made by me with my own ideas. Hunter's Tomb Raider Tales is an original fansite and I ask that my readers not claim my writings as theirs.

Thank you!

Site Disclaimer

      I would like to state that this is a Tomb Raider fansite, made by a fellow fan. Lara Croft, the title Tomb Raider and its likeness are property of the game creators (ie-Crystal Dynamics, etc...). I do not own Tomb Raider or any of its counterparts represented on this site.