Welcome to the official Community Events page. Community Events are hosted by my site and are a fun way to create a piece of writing with the community. Check below to see if any Community Events are going on now, or check out the gallery of past events!

The Continuable Tale

This Community Event gave participants the chance to work together to create a joint-effort Tomb Raider story. Lara Croft was en-route to the site of the fabled Minotaur Statuette, buried inside a temple holding a thousand traps, when her helicopter was shot down by some unknown mercenaries. Its a race past mythical beasts and deadly pitfalls to the prize, which will put Lara's physical and athletic prowess to the test.

This event ran from January 25th to February 11th, 2011.

This event was hosted HERE on Tombraiderforums.com!

To download the Continuable Tale, select the file below:

The Continuable Tale (PDF) Download

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Lara's Big Book o' Poetry

This Community Event allowed participants to enter as many poems as they liked into one compilation of Tomb Raider verse.

This event ran from: OCTOBER 23rd-DECEMBER 31st (2010)

To download Lara's Big Book o' Poetry, select the file below.

Lara's Big Book o' Poetry (PDF) Download

File Size: 1147 kb
File Type: pdf
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