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Site News:

May 10th, 2011
I've been working on a complete site redesign, which is much harder than I thought. My goal is to completely abolish Weebly from my website, and instead create my own from the ground up. This will take time. I'm talking Triangle of Light-kind-of-time. I'll probably be making minor changes through the summer, adding a Guardian of Light and Underworld page, writing the walkthroughs, making content available, etc. So always check my site for new content! And any ideas are welcome.

Also, subscribe to my blog! I always post big news within a day or two of release, so you're never out of the loop.

Finally, my latest Tomb Raider Tale is called Unraveling Harappa. Unfortunately, I cannot give out any more information other than the title. Stay tuned, though!

March 28th, 2011
So I accidentally deleted the blog. Whoops. It's back on, now, and I am working on several new articles for you, so keep checking back! I've also been working on a new Tomb Raider Tale, but more details are forthcoming. Currently, I am in the final stages of planning out the events. Stay tuned! The Anniversary Walkthrough is still a work in progress, so bare with me while I progress through it. 

February 27th, 2011
I've redesigned the blog, and have been concocting some new articles for everybody to read. I'm also waiting to hear back from some guest bloggers, so stay tuned!

Check out the Site Blog HERE!

February 20th, 2011
I've added the Tomb of Qualopec level to the Tomb Raider Anniversary walkthrough. Made some minor changes to the Legend walkthrough format. The download for Preteen Raider II, my seventh Tomb Raider Tale is now available!

February 19th, 2011
A new article is up on the blog, written about the rumors behind a possible new Tomb Raider movie. Check it out, and discuss! I've changed the site font to Arial, which is a bit larger and will be easier to read than the previous font. The Lost Valley walkthrough for the Tomb Raider Anniversary guide is up, and I will be working on Tomb of Qualopec over the weekend. I've added the file for The Continuable Tale, a recent community event I hosted on Tombraiderforums.com, is now available under the Community Events page. Download the story today! I've also created the site page for my newest Tomb Raider ale, #7 - Re/Visioned - Reanimated. I'm just about done editing, so look for that within the new couple days.