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Below I've listed links to some incredible Lara Croft fansites. Feel free to look around! If you would like to LINK TO MY SITE, either contact me and request a swap as I'd love to link back to your site as well, or copy and paste the HTML code included at the bottom of this page onto your site. I can also provide specific banners for you who like crisp and clean sites. Just detail that upon request and I'll send that to you as soon as possible! Thanks for the support!

If ever you should find a broken link on my site, just inform and I will remove it promptly. Broken links are just clutter on a website, so I try to avoid them when at all possible.


Katie Fleming's Tomb Raider Stories and Screenshots site:  http://tombraiders.net/katie/
(All game images on-site are courtesy of Katie Fleming)


Stella's Tomb Raider Walkthroughs: http://www.tombraiders.net/
Stella's Tomb Raider Blog: http://www.stellalune.blogspot.com/



Fan film homage to Lara Croft
The exciting fan-made Lara Croft movie. Something every Tomb Raider fan should see!


A Kurtis Trent (AoD) fansite dedicated to all things, well...Kurtis Trent! Http://www.kteb.net/




Lance's Tomb Raider Site: http://lancestombraidersite.webs.com/


Other Sites:

Guns and Grapple: An Online Tomb Raider Magazine: http://www.gunsandgrapplemag.blogspot.com/

Tombrunner: A Tomb Raider Site Revealing the Best TR Speedruns Worldwide! :http://www.tombrunner.net/

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