Level 3- Japan

Shogo Takamoto stole a piece of Excalibur ages ago, and now that Lara realizes that the sword fragment is actually important, she finds it's time to pay him a visit in his offices. But Takamoto won't be very pleased to see her there. After all, their last visit ended slightly awry, an event that gives Takamoto the incentive to kill...

Level Objective: Retrieve the piece of Excalibur from Shogo Takamoto by storming his offices
Rewards: 6 Bronze/ 4 Silver/ 1 Gold


A short cutscene shows Lara, finely dressed, entering the corporate party. Her friend Nishimura is going to assist her in retrieving the sword fragment. To begin, walk down the stairs and visit the bartender. He will let Nishimura know that you are coming, and Nishimura's door will become unlocked. From the bar table, turn around and walk to the hall entrance on the other side of the room. Turn right down the hall and press the interact button to trigger a cutscene between Lara and Nishimura. Once Nishimura wishes you good luck, you should continue back down the hall and into the party room where another cutscene will be triggered. Takamoto and his Yakuza friends have crashed the party, right on cue. Lara tries to cut a deal for the sword fragment which Takamoto claims he "didn't steal". Takamoto is angered, and orders his Yakuza to kill Lara. After a quick fix behind the bar table, Lara reveals her full arsenal and the gunfight begins. Six Yakuza are spread around the room. Dispatch them however you see fit, and use your environmental hazard button to unlatch those mounted televisions onto the unsuspecting Yakuza's heads. After you defeat them, a cutscene ensues. Nishimura gives Lara an elevator pass so she can access the rooftop. Once you regain control, I suggest gathering as much ammunition as you can, which are scattered around the party room. Immediately on the left side of the room, as if you just walked down the stairs to the left, take the hallway back to the elevator and use the interact button on the elevator pad to get in. A short sequence shows the elevator taking Lara to the rooftop.

You'll notice the bike sealed in the enclosed roof first as you stop on the rooftop. From your starting position, turn left and follow the hall to the automatic sliding door. Outside on the rooftop is a helicopter pad, yellow, straight out from the sliding door. Stand here so you don't get hurt in this next action. If you look to the left of the sliding door (as if Lara is facing the inside of the door), you'll see a caged in space with an oil drum inside. Use your environmental hazard button to blow it up. The blown open cage reveals a pipe. Climb it as far up as you can go. Jump to the right to land atop the small platform that holds the heating vent. Climb to the higher rooftop.

First, run up to the highest point on the glass roof that covers the new rooftop, from there, jump to the higher rooftop, the highest point on this building, where sits a small crate containing a BRONZE REWARD. Now walk to the edge of that rooftop facing the sliding ceiling piece (the only one that shines suspiciously in the world). Use your magnetic grapple and pull the sliding roof back, allowing you to drop inside. Once inside, follow the linear walkway down the stairs and onto the ground floor, inside the enclosed room that you saw upon coming out on the roof. The bike is waiting for you, but there are some rewards lying around for you to claim. First, directly across the room from the base of the stairs are five boxes that box in a crate containing a SILVER REWARD. You can move the boxes with the interact button or blow them away with a handy grenade. Claim the reward. Back by the stairs, on the left side of the railing, as if you just came down the stairs, are two chairs. Near the chairs is a crate containing a BRONZE REWARD. Claim the reward. Next, get on the bike by pressing the interact button.

Drive the bike out of the room, right, down the hallway, and out to the helicopter pad. Make two sharp rights and then speed over to the metal ramp and two large arches. You will have to press three buttons, respective to your console, to avoid falling, slamming into the wall, and blowing to pieces.

From where you begin after the interactive cutscene, drop down onto the lowest scaffold and run to the far end where lies a BRONZE REWARD in a crate. Claim the reward, and then return back up the first platform. Be careful not to knock over any items on the scaffolding...It would be horrible if an innocent bystander should get hurt below. From on top of the platform, jump to the horizontal pole that sticks out of the wall and piping. Jump to the next scaffold. This scaffold and the next are both very physics-based. Run fast, or stand on the edges closest to that first platform so they don't drop you down to the scaffolding below. From the second scaffold, shoot the latch on the rope that holds up the glass windows. The windows will fall, and a new rope is available. Jump and grab the rope, and swing to the next scaffold. You may need to readjust Lara's angle so she doesn't fall off to one side or the other. Jump to the final scaffold, and grab the zip line which will speed you over to Takamoto's penthouse. Jump and Lara will grab it automatically.

Use the magnetic grapple to attach to the first swinging scaffold. Pull it towards you, detach, and quickly jump onto it. As it swings the other way, jump off and throw your grapple again to catch the light fixture on the corner of the building. You will be suspended above midair. Turn Lara to face the other face of the building, then swing her onto the stationary platform. Next you have two swinging scaffolds to bypass. Use the grapple to launch the first scaffold, and then jump on. Throw your grapple at the next scaffold and pull it tight to your scaffold until yours hovers just higher than the second. Jump on. At the height of its swing, jump off and throw your grapple to another light fixture built into the corner. Rotate Lara so she faces the rooftop garden, swing as fast as she can go, and then jump off. 

A sequence shows you three Yakuza mercenaries exiting Takamoto's building, weapon's drawn. A dog also assists them. If you are an animal lover, sorry, you have no choice. Six lights are fixed at even spaces around the garden. You can incorporate these in the rooftop battle. Gather all of the ammunition you need, and then proceed into the building.

TAKAMOTO'S STAIRCASE- 1 Bronze Reward/ 1 Silver Reward
Once inside, turn right and go down the steps. Behind some small boxes is a crate containing a BRONZE REWARD. Take the reward, and then backtrack up the steps. This time, go up the staircase to the very top to hunt down another reward. At the top, find the broken railing on the right side of the platform and walk out onto the pipes. From here, locate the horizontal pipes on a nearby wall. A ledge sticks out, beckoning to Lara. Jump diagonally to the ledge. Shimmy to the far right, then jump backwards onto more pipes. From up here on the pipes you will find another SILVER REWARD in a crate. Claim the reward, then safety drop to the floor below, and access the door to proceed.

TAKAMOTO'S OFFICE- 1 Bronze Reward/ 1 Silver Reward
There are six mercenaries in the office, before we play with the television. Dispatch them before we gather some rewards. On the left side of the BIG television screen are small cubicles with square, white glass panels that form a wall. In the cubicle with white panels closest to the left edge of the large television screen is a crate containing a BRONZE REWARD. Claim the reward. On the raised platform area that overlooks the office, open the first metal cabinet and claim a SILVER REWARD. Now stand back, at shooting range, from the television. Fire at the two latches that hold it in place. Use your magnetic grapple to pull it down. Be prepared for two mercenaries to appear behind it, ready to fire. Jump on top of the television and dispatch the mercenaries. Use the interact button on the door just opposite the television to make it back outside.

Immediately on the left outside is a pole. Climb it and then grab the edge of the heater nearby. Shimmy around the heater's corner and then vault up to the platform above. From this platform, throw your grapple and pull the billboard platform from the vertical position into the horizontal position. Jump onto the second billboard. On the other side of the billboard is a gap and then a ledge with a ladder. Jump onto the ledge and climb the ladder up to another platform. Throw your magnetic grapple again and pull the next billboard from the vertical position into the horizontal position. You may need to point your camera upwards. To reach the platform, you must jump onto a pole and swing across. Once on the platform, climb the pole as far up as you can go, and then backwards jump to the higher platform. Once there, locate the skinny pole, jump on, and climb as far up as you can go. Jump backwards again, this time onto a horizontal pole. The billboard will change from vertical position to horizontal. You are still on the bar. Shimmy to the left, and then swing onto the skinny pole again, this time, jump on top of the billboard platform. From that platform, jump to the slightly lower, square platform and grab the new skinny pole. Climb up the pole. Once you approach the top, Zip will tell you that it won't hold you. Continue to the top, then jump onto the flagpole on the side of the building. After three flips, each one of the flagpoles will fall, so be hasty in flipping from flagpole to flagpole and onto the balcony nearby. Use the interact button to open the door.

TAKAMOTO'S GALLERY- 1 Bronze Reward/ 1 Silver Reward

On the right, near the couches, is a mercenary. Dispatch him. Continue up the stairs where another one waits. Kill him. To strategically kill the other three mercenaries, use the environmental hazards button to drop the glass chandelier on top of them, scattering their bodies like flies! Now, on the floor near you is a crate containing a BRONZE REWARD. Claim the reward, then jump down to the ground floor and obtain any necessary equipment. As you jump down, a man will run out from the gallery exit with a shotgun. Kill him. Near the door where the mercenary with the shotgun came in is a room with computer equipment. Open the cabinets and claim the SILVER REWARD. Exit through the door where the shotgun mercenary entered.

First, enter the room on the left and activate the fire alarm switch. S short sequence shows the tripwires that are built into the sides of the hall with the turret machine. Outside the room, pull the ball off of its stand and roll it down the hallway with the turret using it as a shield to protect you from the spray of bullets. Keep to the left side of the hallway, and then when you are down the length of the hall, abandon the ball and dodge roll to the safe zone on the left. Follow the hallway into a conference room.

Inside the room, a cutscene is triggered where Lara and Takamoto exchange words, and then once the cutscene is done, a sliding door on the opposite side of the room reveal mercenaries who will begin firing automatically. Now, stand on the table opposite the side of the room with the high glass window. Use your grapple to pull the dragon statue back, and then release, allowing the statue to smash into the window. Two mercenaries appear on the platform above. Defeat them and collect any ammunition you need. 
                                                                GOLD REWARD CHALLENGE
Before continuing to the elevator, turn right and go down the hall. In the room with the weapons on the table, my guess is Takamoto's personal office, collect the ammo, and then notice the dark, red box. Pull it down the hall near the elevator and tip it over the edge into the conference room with the suspended dragon statue. Upon impact, the antique box will shatter revealing the GOLD REWARD. Claim it, and then use the interact button on the elevator pad to go up and fight Takamoto, boss of the Yakuza.

After Lara and Takamoto exchange more words, and information, in an automatically triggered cutscene, it becomes time for you to fight Takamoto. So here is everything you need to know about taking out the Yakuza boss. First, being on the ground floor is deadly. Turrets fire at you from almost every angle, so climb the vertical poles on the back of any of the four large statues around the dome, and backwards jump onto the circular walkway up top. Takamoto knows about three moves. Swish. Swish. And Swash. When he throws the green magic horizontally towards the ground, jump. When he throws it towards your chest, dodge roll out of the way. Occasionally he will throw vertical walls of green magic which can be strafed or dodge-rolled to avoid. He will throw two attacks, and then begin to run. Begin shooting right after the second hit, and continue this pattern until Takamoto is defeated. His attacks aren't consistently in twos, but if you follow these instructions, he should only throw two or three each time before beginning to run. Also, if you try to shoot him from a distance, he will stay stationary and keep throwing magic at you, so always be approaching him, and dodging the magic, while shooting, at the same time. After you've beaten Takamoto, a cutscene will show Nishimura picking up Lara in a helicopter from the dome and flying her off into the distance.

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